The Symposium: A Treatise on Chastity #27

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St. Methodius
Translated and Annotated by Herbert Musurillo, S.J.
Publication Data: New York, NY/Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 1958
Format: hardcover
Number of Pages: vi + 249
Dimensions (l × w × h): 22.2 cm × 14.6 cm × 2.3 cm
ISBN: 0‒8091‒0143-2

St. Methodius
Translated and Annotated by Herbert Musurillo, S.J.

No. 27 of Ancient Christian Writers: The Works of the Fathers in Translation

“‘Methodius, otherwise known as Eubulius,’ as Epiphanius refers to him, is one of the most interesting as well as the most mysterious of the Greek Fathers who wrote before the peace of the Church. [...]Methodius’ Symposium, the only authentic work of his that is preserved completely in Greek, has had a profound influence on the stream of ascetical thought in both the East and the West.”


      1. Life
      2. Works
         1. The Banquet. 2. On Free Will. 3. On the Life of Man as a Rational Creature. 4. Aglaophon. 5. On the Jewish Foods and the Red Heifer. 6. To Sistelius on Leprosy. 7. On the Leech. 8–12. Fragments, Lost Works and Spuria.
      3. The Symposium
      4. Outline of the Symposium
      5. The Doctrines of the Symposium
      6. The Text of the Symposium
      7. The Possibility of a Later Orthodox Redactor of the Symposium
      8. Methodius and the Scriptures
      9. Summary
   Prelude: Eubulion and Gregorion
      Logos 1: Marcella. The Place of Chastity in the History of Redemption
      Logos 2: Theophila. A Defense of Marriage
      Logos 3: Thalia. Methodius’ Christology. The Pauline Doctrine on Virginity
   Interlude I
      Logos 4: Theopatra. The Flood of Sin
      Logos 5: Thallusa. Allegorical Variations on Virginity
      Logos 6: Agathe. Chiefly on the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins
      Logos 7: Procilla. The Application of the Canticle of Canticles
      Logos 8: Thecla. The Ascent of the Soul. Exegesis of Apoc. 12. On Astrology and Its Evils
   Interlude II
      Logos 9: Tusiane. Allegorical Interpretation of the Feast of the Tabernacles
   Interlude III
      Logos 10: Domnina. Methodius’ Botanical Exegesis: the Symbolism of Trees
      [Logos 11:] The Discourse of Arete. Conclusion of the Contest
      Thecla’s Hymn: An Epithalamium on the Wedding of Christ and the Church
      Epilogue: Dialogue between Eubulion and Gregorion on the Value of Concupiscence for the Practice of Virtue. The Essence of Virtue
   To the Introduction
   To the Text
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