The Spiritual Meadow (Pratum Spirituale)

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by John Moschos (also known as John Eviratus)
Introduction, Translation and Notes by John Wortley
Publication Data: Trappist, KY/Collegeville, MN: Cistercian Publications/Liturgical Press, 2008
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: xx + 291
Dimensions (l × w × h): 21.5 cm × 13.9 cm × 1.6 cm
ISBN: 978‒0‒87907‒539‒2

by John Moschos (also known as John Eviratus)
Introduction, Translation and Notes by John Wortley

Number One Hundred Thirty-Nine of Cistercian Studies Series

“In my opinion, the meadows in spring present a particularly delightful prospect. They display to the beholder a rich diversity of flowers which arrests him with its charm, for it brings delight to his eyes and perfume to his nostrils. One part of this meadow blushes with roses; in another place lilies predominate, drawing one’s attention to themselves and away from the roses. In another part the colour of violets blazes out, resembling the imperial purple. In short, the diversity and variety of innumerable flowers affords delights both to nostril and to eye on every side. Think of this present work in the same way Sophronios, my sacred and faithful child. For in it, you will discover the virtues of holy men who have distinguished themselves in our own times; men, as the Psalmist says, planted by the waterside[...]. They were all equally beloved of God (by the grace of Christ),—yet there was a diversity in the virtues from which the beauty and the charm of each derived. From among these I have plucked the finest flowers of the unmown meadow and worked them into a crown which I now offer to you, most faithful child; and through you, to the world at large.”
—“THE SPIRITUAL MEADOW (Pratum Spirituale)”


Translator’s Note
THE SPIRITUAL MEADOW (Pratum Spirituale)
   by John Moschos
      Supplementary Tales edited by Theodor Nissen and/or Elpidio Mioni
      List of Abbreviations
      Index of Names, Places and Important Events
      Subject Index
      Scriptural Index
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