The Orthodox Understanding of Salvation: “Theosis” in Scripture and Tradition

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Christopher Veniamin
Publication Data: Dalton, PA: Mount Thabor Publishing, 2014
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: 198
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Christopher Veniamin

“The purpose of the work in hand is to make more readily available certain of my papers and studies, which have appeared in various relatively little-known theological journals and other publications, all of which relate to the question of Salvation in the age-old and unbroken tradition of the Orthodox Christian Faith—the faith of the Patriarchs, Prophets, Apostles, Martyrs and Saints of our Lord, God and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The Orthodox Understanding of Salvation: ‘Theosis’ in Scripture and Tradition is thus divided into two parts. Part 1, Praxis, is comprised of papers delivered chiefly at retreats, clergy symposia and public lectures; while Part II, Theoria, is made up of articles, all of which (except for one) were based on my doctoral work on the meaning of the Transfiguration in the Fathers, carried out at Oxford University, under the supervision of His Eminence Kallistos Ware, Metropolitan of Diokleia, to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude. The last chapter of Part II, ‘On Becoming Theologians’, is added simply as ‘By Way of Conclusion’.”


Part I: Praxis
The Orthodox Understanding of Salvation: “Theosis” in Saint Silouan the Athonite and Elder Sophrony of Essex
The Power of Repentance: The Ethos of “Metanoia” in the Orthodox Tradition
Holy Relics The Deification of the Human Body in the Christian Tradition
The Sinlessness of the Mother of God According to St. Nicholas Cabasilas
The Orthodox Interpretation of Holy Scripture: St. Gregory Palamas and the Key to Understanding the Bible
The Significance of Greek Independence Day for America in the 21st Century
Euthanasia: A Theological Approach
Part II: Theoria
The Light of Tabor St John Chrysostom and the Language of Holy Scripture
The Resurrection of the Human Body In the Christology of St Cyril Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria
The Transfiguration of Christ and the Deification of Man in St Maximus the Confessor
The Spiritual Father and Child Relationship in St Symeon the New Theologian
The Interplay Between Mystical and Dogmatic Theology in St. Gregory the Sinaite
Partakers of Divine Nature St Gregory Palamas and the Centrality of the Transfiguration
BY WAY OF CONCLUSION On Becoming Theologians “Hesychia” as a Prerequisite for the Encounter with God
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