The Great Synaxaristes of the Orthodox Church׃ Triodion

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Translated from the Greek
Publication Data: Buena Vista, CO: Holy Apostles Convent/Dormition Skete, 2010
Format: hardcover
Number of Pages: xvi + 1,224
Dimensions (l × w × h): 23.6 cm × 16.1 cm × 6.0 cm
Additional Information: black-and-white illustrations
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Translated from the Greek

A volume of The Great Synaxaristes of the Orthodox Church

“The holy Church prepares us with five consecutive Sundays prior to the commencement of the Great Fast. Our attention is drawn particularly to the instruction and meaning of Gospel lessons of those Sundays, coaching us for the contest that lies ahead. The initial announcement trumpeted by the Church, the Sunday of Zacchaeos, is the account of our Lord in Jericho and the desire of Zacchaeos the tax collector to behold and approach Him. Zacchaeos’ desire and his repentance should remind us of our own hunger and thirst to hear the Lord say, ‘Today it is needful for Me to stay in thy house [Lk. 19:5].’”
—“Preparation for the Great Fast: Sunday of Zacchaeos”


Saturdays and Sundays Before the Great Fast
   Preparation for the Great Fast: Sunday of Zacchaeos
   Sunday of the Tax Collector and the Pharisee
   Commentary on Gospel Reading [Lk. 18:9-14]
   Sunday of the Parable of the Prodigal Son
   Commentary on Gospel Reading [Lk. 15:11-32]
   A Homily and Questionnaire on Confession
   Saturday before Sunday of Meatfare and the Last Judgment
   Introduction for Saturday of the Souls of all Orthodox Christians who have fallen asleep from the beginning
   Commentary on Epistle Reading for the Departed [1 Thess. 4:13-17]
   A Homily for Soul Saturday on Death, the Soul, and Our Resurrection:
      1. The Saturdays of the Souls
      2. Commemoration of the Dead
      3. Difficult or Tragic Deaths of the Just
      4. The Death of Children
      5. The Soul after Death
      6. The Soul’s Departure from the Body
      7. On Tribulation and Mortality in this Life
      8. Preparation of Our Own Death
      9. Remembrance of Death
      10. Our Resurrection
      11. The Spiritual Body
      12. God’s Love for Mankind after Paradise
   A Discussion on Antichrist and the End Times:
      1. The Prophet Daniel’s Visions are Interpreted
      2. Antichrist and the End Times
      3. Wickedness in the Last Days
      4. Division and Deceit in the Churches
      5. The Fig Tree
      6. The False Christ
      7. Antichrist’s Beginnings
      8. Antichrist Will Attempt to Imitate Christ
      9. Out of the Tribe of Dan
      10. The Son of Perdition Comes
      11. The Romans and the Restrainer
      12. Babylon
      13. The Beast
      14. The Jews Will Receive an Imposter
      15. The Lying Wonders of Antichrist
      16. Antichrist, the Instrument of Satan
      17. The Operations of Antichrist
      18. Antichrist is Proclaimed King
      19. Antichrist Seizes Power
      20. Antichrist, A Burning Wind
      21. The Traits and Activities of Antichrist
      22. Tribulation Befalls the Church
      23. The Church Endures
      24. War Against the Saints
      25. The Sufferings of the Saints
      26. Persecutions
      27. The Martyrs in the End Times
      28. Those Who Endure to the End
      29. Those Perishing Who Believed Not the Truth
      30. Righteous Enoch and Prophet Elias
      31. The Beast Out of the Earth
      32. The Jews Will Understand
      33. The Seven Vials of the Wrath of God
      34. The Lawless One Will be Destroyed by Christ
      35. The Sun Will be Darkened and the Stars Will Fall
      36. The Coming of Christ
      37. A Word of Warning
   Sunday of Meatfare,
   the Holy Church remembers the Second Coming of Christ
   Commentary on Gospel Reading [Mt. 25:31-46]
   A Homily on the Second Coming and the Last Judgment:
      1. Last Times
      2. The Day of the Lord
      3. Concerning That Day and Hour
      4. The Sign of the Son of Man
      5. The Individual and the General Judgments
      6. We Shall Be Like Him
      7. Parable Regarding the End: The Wheat and Darnel
      8. The Parable of the Wedding Festivities: The Outer Darkness
      9. The Second Death
      10. The Parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man
      11. Punishment Here and Afterward
      12. The Mystery Hidden from the Ages
      13. The Future Judgment
      14. Recapitulation
      15. Restitution
      16. The Next Life after the Judgment
   Saturday Before Cheesefare Sunday and the Great Fast,
   the Holy Church Remembers Those Who Struggled in Asceticism
   Commentary on Extracts from Epistle Readings [Rom. 14:19-26 and Gal. 5:22-6:2]
   Commentary on Extracts from Gospel Reading for Cheesefare Saturday [Mt. 6:1-13] (The Lord’s Prayer)
   Commentary on Gospel Reading for Commemoration of the Ascetics [Mt. 11:27-30]
   A Homily on Fasting:
      1. The Importance of Fasting
      2. Fasting as a Tool
      3. Fasting in General, Especially on Wednesdays and Fridays
      4. Gluttony
      5. Indulgence in Overeating
      6. Modes of Fasting
      7. Fasting with a Change of Heart
      8. The Significance of Fasting from Old Testament Examples
      9. The Significance of Fasting from New Testament Examples
      10. Food for Thought
   Sunday of Cheesefare or Sunday of Forgiveness,
   the Sunday Before the Great Fast, the Holy Church Remembers the Exile of the First-formed Adam and Eve
   A Short Homily, On Forgiveness, by Saint Mark the Ascetic
   A Homily, On the First Three Chapters of Genesis, Leading to the Expulsion from Paradise, and the Aftermath
      Genesis 1
      Genesis 2
      Image of God
      Eve—not yet fashioned
      Genesis 3
      Genesis 4 and 5: Nine Hundred and Thirty Years
      Vicissitudes of Life
   A Homily, On the New Adam
      1. The Devil to Our Right
      2. The Logos Shows His Power and Love in the Incarnation
      3. The Justice of the Incarnation
      4. Adam, a Living Soul, and Christ, the Life-Creating Spirit
      5. An Explanation of Corruption and Incorruption
      6. The Present Vexations and the Future Glory
      7. The Cosmic Disaster of the Fall
      8. Procreation and Birth
      9. The Annulling of Bodily Birth by Baptism
      10. Death of the Body, Death of the Soul
The Great Fast
   Saturday of the First Week of the Great Fast,
   the Holy Church Commemorates the Miracle of the Kollyva Wrought by the Glorious and Great-martyr Theodore the Recruit
   Extract of Today’s Gospel Reading
   An Abbreviated Biography of Saint Theodore the Teron
   Customs and Traditions
   Typical Recipe for Kollyva (Kolyva)
   The First Sunday of the Great Fast,
   The Sunday of Orthodoxy, the Holy Church Commemorates the Restoration of the Holy Icons, and the Synodikon of the Seventh Œcumenical Synod on Behalf of Orthodoxy is Read
   Commentary on Epistle Reading [Heb. 11:24-26, 32-40, Sl. to 12:2]
   Commentary on Gospel Reading [Jn. 1:43-51]
   Synodikon of Orthodoxy:
   Brief Summary of Acclamations and Anathemas
   Brief Synopsis of Who’s Who Among the Acclaimed
   A Homily, On Icons, for the Sunday of Orthodoxy:
      1. Iconographic Tradition
      2. The Purpose and Function of Icons
   The Second Sunday of the Great Fast,
   the Holy Church Commemorates Saint Gregory Palamas
   An Abridged Life of Saint Gregory Palamas
   Commentary on Gospel Reading [Jn. 10:9-16]
   The Third Sunday of the Great Fast,
   The Veneration of the Honorable and Life-creating Cross
   Commentary on Extract of Epistle Reading [Heb. 4:14-5:6]
   Commentary on Extract of Gospel Reading [Mk. 8:34:9:1]
   A Homily, For the Sunday of the Veneration of the Cross:
      1. What is “the breadth and length and depth and height [Eph. 3:18]”?
      2. Early Old Testament Prefigurations
      3. Word, Mystery, and Sign of the Cross
      4. A Tree Against the Tree
      5. Baptism into Christ’s Death
      6. The Ordinances of the Faith and a New Way of Life
      7. The Meaning of the Sign of the Cross to the Christian
      8. Boast Not Except in the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ
   The Fourth Sunday of the Great Fast,
   the Holy Church Commemorates Saint John, the Author of the Ladder
   Commentary on Epistle Reading [Eph. 5:8-19]
   Commentary on Gospel Reading [Mt. 4:23-5:13, Gk. usage] (Beatitudes)
   A Homily, On Becoming Children of God
   Thursday of the Fifth Week of the Great Fast,
   The Great Canon
   Biographical Data of Saint Andrew
   More on the Great Canon
   Saturday of the Fifth Week,
   the Holy Church Celebrates the Akathist Hymn to Our Most Holy Lady, the Theotokos and Ever-virgin Mary, for Her Extraordinary Wonderworking in Constantinople
   Victories of the Champion Leader, Our Lady Theotokos:
      1. Year 626
      2. Year 673
      3. Years 717-718
      4. Byzantine Music of the Feast
      5. Icon of the Feast
   Commentary on Epistle Reading [Heb. 9:1-7]
   A Homily, On the Interpenetration of Christ's Natures, but Not a Change of One Nature into the Other on Account of the Union:
      1. Mutual Indwelling to Undergo Temptation and Glorify the Logos
      2. Pleasure and Pain
      3. Nature, Difference, and Number
      4. Energizing of the Natural Wills and Energies of the God-Man
      5. Concerning the Natural and Innocent Passions
      6. The Virgin’s Virginity Became More Indissoluble
   The Fifth Sunday of the Great Fast,
   the Holy Church commemorates Saint Mary of Egypt
   Commentary on Epistle Reading [Gal. 3:23-4:5]
   Commentary on Gospel Reading [Lk. 7:36-50]
   Homily I, An Outline of Spiritual Growth and True Love in the Life of Saint Mary:
      1. Early Life Against the Demons of Unchastity and the Desire of the Flesh
      2. Providence Leads Mary of Egypt to Jerusalem
      3. Mary is Prevented Entry into the Church
      4. A Promise is Made Before the Icon of the Theotokos
      5. Earthly Needs and Love Dissolved Away
      6. Struggling Against Memories
      7. Wine, Men, and Song
      8. Love Never Fails
      9. Submitting the Incensive and Desiring Powers to Reason
      10. Desirous for the Immaculate Mysteries
      11. Walking on Water
      12. Saint Zosimas
   Homily II, On Struggling with the Passions and How to Practise Virtue
   Homily III, On Perfect Love
   Saturday of the Raising of the Friend of Christ,
   the Holy and Righteous Lazarus the Four-day Dead
   Commentary on Gospel Reading [Jn. 11:1-57]
   Palm Sunday,
   The Feast of the Entry into Jerusalem of Our Lord Jesus Christ
   Commentary on Gospel Reading [Jn. 12:1-19]
Holy Week
   Holy and Great Monday,
   the Holy Church Commemorates the Blessed Joseph the All-comely and Remembers How a Fig Tree was Cursed and Withered by the Lord
   Commentary on Extracts of Gospel Reading [Mt. 21:18-43]:
      1. The Withered Fig Tree [Mt. 21:18-21]
      2. Parable of the Two Sons of the Vineyard’s Owner [Mt. 21:28-32]
      3. Parable of the Vineyard Let out to Vinedressers [Mt. 21:33-44]
   Holy and Great Tuesday,
   the Holy Church Makes Remembrance of the Parable of the Ten Virgins Written in the Holy Gospel
   Commentary on Extracts of Gospel Reading from Presanctified Liturgy [Mt. 24:36-26:2], that is the Parable of the Ten Virgins, as given in the Gospel according to Saint Matthew [25:1-13]
   Holy and Great Wednesday,
   Remembrance is Made of the Anointing of the Lord with Myrrh by the Harlot, for this Took Place Shortly Prior to the Saving Passion
   Commentary on Gospel Reading from Presanctified Liturgy [Mt. 26:6-16]
   A Summary on the Gospel Readings Concerning the Women Who Anointed Our Lord:
      1. According to the Gospel of Saint Matthew [Mt. 26:2-13]
      2. According to the Gospel of Saint Mark [Mk. 14:1-10]
      3. According to the Gospel of Saint Luke [Lk. 7:33-50]
      4. According to the Gospel of Saint John [Jn. 12:1-8]
      5. An overall comparison of the women who anointed our Lord
      6. Saint Jerome discusses the women anointers
      7. The hymnographers, Saints Romanos and Ephraim, and their dramatic hymns on the sinful woman in the Gospel according to Saint Luke, and the path of her repentance
   I. Discussion on the Efchelaion or The Service of Holy Oil or The Rite of Anointing of the Sick
      1. The Energized Entreaty
      2. Dogma and Kerygma
   II. The Procedure of the Preparation and the Service of the Consecration of the Holy Myron (Chrism)
      1. Preparation and Consecration of the Holy Myron or Holy Chrism
      2. Ingredients
   Holy and Great Thursday,
   Remembrance is Kept of the Following Four Events Written in the Holy Gospels: the Sacred Washing, the Mystical Supper, and the Prayer and the Betrayal in the Garden of Gethsemane
   I. Commentary on Great Thursday Orthros Reading [Lk. 22:1-39]
      [Preparation for the passover; the Mystical Supper; foretelling of Peter's denial]
   II. Commentary on Gospel Reading at Great Thursday Vespers during the Liturgy of Saint Basil, which includes successively:
      1. Mt. 26:2-20 [Preparation for the passover]
      2. Jn. 13:3-17 [Washing of Feet]
      3. Mt. 26:21-35 [Mystical Supper]
      4. Mt. 26:36-39 [Prayer in Gethsemane]
      5. Lk. 22:43-45 [Agony in Gethsemane]
      6. Mt. 26:40-45 [Prayer a second and third time]
      7. Mt. 26:46-27:2 [Betrayal in Gethsemane]
   A Homily, On the Mystical Supper
   Commentary on Epistle Reading on Great Thursday Morning, at Vespers, during the Liturgy of Saint Basil, the Institution of the Eucharist [1 Cor. 11:23-34]
   Appendix: Priestly Advice from a Priest to Priests
   Holy and Great Thursday Evening,
   The Office of the Holy and Redeeming Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ as it is Written in Twelve Gospel Readings
   Commentary on the 12 Readings:
   1st Gospel Reading [Jn. 13:31-18:1]
      Revelations at the Mystical Supper, after Judas leaves, which continue outside the upper room.
   2nd Gospel Reading [Jn. 18:1-28]
      Jesus is betrayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, and Jesus is brought before Annas and then Caiaphas.
   3rd Gospel Reading [Mt. 26:57-75]
      Our Lord before the Sanhedrin, and Peter’s denial.
   4th Gospel Reading [Jn. 18:28-19:16]
      Our Lord is brought before Pilate in the Praetorium; He is mocked by the soldiers; Barabbas is preferred; and Pilate pronounces sentencing.
   5th Gospel Reading [Mt. 27:3-32]
      Judas admits to betraying innocent blood; Jesus before Pilate; Barabbas is chosen by the chief priests, elders, and multitude; and Jesus is mocked by the soldiers and then led away to be crucified.
   6th Gospel Reading [Mk. 15:16-32]
      The soldiers mock Jesus; and then lead Him out for crucifixion, where they give Him gall, divide His garments, and reproach Him.
   7th Gospel Reading [Mt. 27:33-54]
      Christ on the Cross, and the confession of the thief and the centurion.
   8th Gospel Reading [Lk. 23:32-49]
      Christ on the Cross promises the thief Paradise; Jesus commends His spirit, as the women stood afar.
   9th Gospel Reading [Jn. 19:25-37]
      The women at the Cross; Jesus delivers up the spirit; and Jesus’ side is lanced.
   10th Gospel Reading [Mk. 15:43-47]
      The burial of Jesus.
   11th Gospel Reading [Jn. 19:38-42]
      The burial performed by Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemos.
   12th Gospel Reading [Mt. 27:62-66]
      Pilate sets a guard and the gravestone is sealed.
   A Homily, On the Passion
   Holy and Great Friday,
   the Holy Church Commemorates the Saving Passion of Our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ, Who Willingly Enduring the Spittings, the Slaps, the Buffetings, the Insults, The Mockings, the Porphyry Robe, the Reed, the Sponge, the Vinegar, the Nails, the Spear, and, above All, the Cross and Death; commemoration is Also Made of the Right-minded Robber
   1st Hour of the Royal Hours:
      A. Commentary on Zach. 11:10-13
      B. Commentary on Gal. 6:14-18
   3rd Hour of the Royal Hours:
      A. Commentary on Is. 50:4-11
      B. Commentary on Rom. 5:6-10
   6th Hour of the Royal Hours:
      A. Commentary on Is. 52:13-54:1
      B. Commentary on Heb. 2:11-18
   9th Hour of the Royal Hours:
      A. Commentary on Jer. 11:18-23; 12:1-5, 9, 11, 14, 15
      B. Commentary on Heb. 10:19-31
   Vespers (Unnailing or Taking down from the Cross):
      A. Commentary on Ex. 33:11-23 and Job 42:12-17
      B. Commentary on 1 Cor. 1:18-2:2
      C. Commentary on Mt. 27:55-61
   A Homily, On the Reasons for Death by Crucifixion
   Holy and Great Saturday Orthros
   (conducted on Friday evening of the Lamentations), the Holy Church Commemorates the Burial and the Descent into Hades of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
   Commentary on Prophesy Reading [Ezek. 37:1-14]
   Commentary on Epistle Reading [1 Cor. 5:6-8; Gal. 3:13, 14]
   A Homily, On Keeping Sabbath in the Tomb and Descending into the Deepest Parts of the Earth
   Holy and Great Saturday Vespers (with Liturgy of Saint Basil)
   Commentary on Extracts of Fifteen Prophetic Readings:
      1. Gen. 1:1-13
      2. Is. 60:1-16
      3. Ex. 12:1-11
      4. Jon. 1-4
      5. Josh. 5:10-15
      6. Ex. 13:20-22; 14:1-31; 15:1-19
      7. Zeph. (Soph.) 3:8-15
      8. 3 Kgs. (1 Kgs.) 17:8-24
      9. Is. 61:10, 11; 62:1-5
      10. Gen. 22:1-18
      11. Is. 61:1-10
      12. 4 Kgs. (2 Kgs.) 4:8-37
      13. Is. 63:11-19; 64:1-5
      14. Jer. 38 (31):31-34
      15. Dan. 3:1-22; Hymn of the Three Children 1:1-33
   Commentary on Epistle Reading [Rom. 6:3-11]
   Commentary on Gospel Reading [Mt. 28:1-20]
   Triodion Alphabetical Index
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