Saints of Cyprus

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Translated from the Greek by Leo Papadopulos and Holy Transfiguration Monastery
Publication Data: Seattle, WA: Saint Nectarios Press, 2014
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: viii + 299
Dimensions (l × w × h): 22.8 cm × 15.2 cm × 1.7 cm
Additional Information: black-and-white illustrations
ISBN: 978‒0‒913026‒02‒1

Translated from the Greek by Leo Papadopulos and Holy Transfiguration Monastery

“This present volume brings together a collection of many of the saints of that second Holy Land, the island of Cyprus. Cyprus was a Greek speaking part of the Roman Empire and the center of the worship of Aphrodite, the goddess of eros, and as such a focus of iniquity, corruption, and deprivation. During the early years of the first century after the crucifixion, death, resurrection, and ascension of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ, the holy apostles Paul and Barnabas with St. Mark sailed there to preach the gospel. The island was forever changed. Since that time Cyprus has produced more saints than the whole mainland of Greece. Even now its sons populate the monasteries of Mt. Athos and protect the shrines of the Holy Land. One such Cypriot was Father Philoumonos who gave his life for Christ at the hand of a fanatical Jew at Jacob’s well.”


   Saint Neophytos of Cyprus
   Saint Philon
   Saint Demetrianos
   Theophilos the New
   Saint Marcianos (Jan 18)
   Saint Mariamne
   Auxibius of Solon
   Saint Ariston
   Saint Aprion (Feb 7)
   Saint Macarios of Paphos (Feb 9)
   Saint Philagrius (Feb 9)
   Marcellus of Apameia (Feb 25)
   Hieromartyr Theodotus
   Conon the Righteous
   Saint Aristobulos
   Gregory Bishop (Mar 4)
   Nestor Bishop (Mar 7)
   Saint Lazarus
   George, Newmartyr of Cyprus
   New Martyr Michael and Companions
   St. Panaretos
   Saint Epiphanios
   Saint Therapon, Hieromartyr
   Saint Panegyrios
   Saint Kyriakos of Evrychos
   Saint Synesius
   Barnabas, the Apostle
   Tychon of Amathous
   Hieromartyr Philoneides
   Triphyllius (June 13)
   Two Martyrs on Cyprus (June 18)
   Constantine Alamanos
   Saints Heliophotoi
   Saint Onesiphorus
   Saint Thyrsus
   Saint Mikallos
   Holy Martyr Lucius
   Reginus and Orestes
   Saint Arcadius
   Saint Mamas
   Polydorus of Cyprus Mew Martyr
   Saint Isaias of Mount Kykkos
   Saint Sozon
   Saint Heracleides
   Saint Anastasios of Peristereon
   Meletius, Bishop of Cyprus
   Saint Avxentios
   Isaakios of Cyprus (Sept 21)
   Saint Theodore of Tamasos
   John Lampadistes
   St. Kendeas of Cyprus
   Zenais and Philonille
   Saint Jonas
   Saint Theosebius
   Saint Therapon Alamanos
   Mnason the Ancient Student
   Hilarion, the Great
   Saint Evlalios
   St. Macarius of Cyprus
   Saint Euphemianos
   Saint Sozomenus
   Philoumenos of Cyprus (Nov 29)
   Saint Abbakoum
   Theodoulos of Cyprus
   Saint Paul, the Obedient
   Saint Tychikus the Apostle
   Gennadius, Patriarch of Constantinople
   Names in roman type are of saints with a biographical notice in this edition; names in italics are of saints with a simple commemoration.
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