Saint Edward the Martyr - the Life, recorded Miracles and Supplicatory Canon

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The King and Martyr Edward's reign was brief, ended by his martyrdom in 978 when he was still only a young man. He quickly became one of the most venerated saints of Anglo-Saxon England; pilgrims came from all over England and from continental Europe to venerate his relics enshrined at Shaftesbury Abbey, Dorset.

Saint Edward’s shrine was dismantled during the Dissolution under Henry VIII. The fate of his relics was not recorded, and for many centuries they were presumed lost. However, in 1931, the relics were discovered during excavations of the abbey ruins led by John Wilson-Claridge. His account, The Recorded Miracles of Saint Edward the Martyr, is reprinted in this book.

Saint Edward died before the Great Schism and is numbered among the Orthodox saints. The story of how, many decades later, the relics came to be enshrined in an Orthodox monastery in Brookwood, Surrey is both fascinating and unique in British legal history.

This new translation of Saint Edward’s life is supplemented by a collection of contemporary miracles wrought through his intercessions. A Supplicatory Canon, newly-composed by the Fathers of Saint Edward Brotherhood, the custodians of the relics of Saint Edward the Martyr, is also included. This Canon can be chanted by the faithful in times of need or as a thanksgiving to God Who is wondrous in His saints.

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