Let the Little Children Come to Me: Stories of Children Martyrs

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Publication Data: Pleasant Prairie, WI: Saint John Chrysostomos Greek Orthodox Monastery, 2002
Format: hardcover
Number of Pages: 206
Dimensions (l × w × h): 22.4 cm × 14.9 cm × 1.5 cm
Additional Information: full-color and black-and-white illustrations, dust jacket
ISBN: 1‒931937‒00‒1

“Our first feelings when we think of martyred children may be those of sadness, for it is difficult to accept the fact that innocent children were brutalized. However, just as our Lord’s agonizing crucifixion led to His glorious resurrection, so did the slaughter of His youngest of martyrs lead to glory—eternal life—‘...where there is no pain, sorrow or suffering.’ Their stories are not narratives of death but celebrations of life. [...]In today’s troubled times when the Church of Christ is bombarded by enemies from without and within, the sacrifice of these holy children shines brightly in a darkened world, attesting to the unshakable triumph of the Orthodox Christian faith, for as Christ Himself stated, ‘...the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’”


Saint Mamas
Saint Vasilissa of Nicomedia
Saints Urbanus, Prilidianus and Epolonius
Saints Ammonios, Donatos and Eighty-Two Other Children
Saints Pistis, Elpis and Agape
Saint Rais
Saint Nicholas the New Martyr
Saint Peter the Aleut
Saints Sevinianos, Maximos, Rufus and Evgenios
Saint Aquilina the New Martyr
Saint Celsius
Saint John of Monembasia
Saints Sarbelos, Nita, Hierakos, Theodoulos, Fotios, Vele and Evniki
Saints Asterios, Claudius, Neonos and Neonilla
Saint Plato the Great Martyr
The Holy Child
Saint Philothea the Romanian
Saint John of Thasos
Saint Evodos and his Brothers
The Holy Infants of Bethlehem
Saints Pevsippos, Elasippos and Mesippos
Saint Neofytos
Saints Theodoti, Theoktisti and Evdoxia
Saint Agathi
Saint Fausta
Saint Likarion
Two Holy Children
Saints Mavros and Jason
Saint Kalliopios
Saint Gabriel
Saint Irene
Saints Kyriakos and Theodoulos
Saint John the Romanian
Saint Mark the New Martyr
Saints Kyriakos and Christianos
Saints Claudius, Hypatios, Dionysios and Pavlos
Saint John the New Martyr of China
Saint Aquilina
Saint Vitus
Saint Nikitas the New Martyr
Sainst Lollia, Probis and Urbanus
Saint Eftropia
Saint Kyrikos
Saint Marina the Great Martyr
Saint Pollio
Saints Sekendos, Sekendikos and Kigoros
The Three Holy Sons of Saint Theodote
Saint Elesa
The Seven Youths of Ephesus
Saint Triantafyllos
Saints Theognios, Agapios and Pistos
Saint Christodoulos
Index of Proper Names
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