Defeating Jihad: How the War on Terrorism Can be Won—in Spite of Ourselves

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Serge Trifkovic
Publication Data: Boston, MA: Regina Orthodox Press, 2006
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: vi + 335
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Serge Trifkovic

“Terrorism, understood as unpredictable violence against non-combatants used in pursuit of ideological, religious and political objectives, is as old as humanity. Today it has manifestations in many different parts of the world. Only Islamic terrorism, however—that used by Muslims in pursuit of objectives inspired by Islamic teaching, tradition, and historical practice—is a global phenomenon, and it is the only variety that threatens America and other Western countries as such. It is also the only variety that properly falls under the category ‘global terrorism,’ and against which the global ‘war against terror’ should be directed.”


   Terrorism, understood as unpredictable violence against non-combatants used in pursuit of ideological, religious and political objectives, is as old as humanity.
   Introduction to Part I
   Diagnosing the cause of a problem is the key to its solution.
   1. Muhammad’s Legacy
   Of Muhammad’ life, we are informed mainly from Muslim sources: the Kuran and the hadiths, or recorded traditions about the prophet.
   2. The Teaching
   The teaching of Islam is traditionally divided into dogma, faith (Imam), and practice (Din).
   3. Jihad
   War in the path of Allah with the objective of converting, killing, or subjugating and taxing the “infidel.”
   4. Terror Justified
   Islamic terror through the centuries.
   5. Implications
   Islam is the only major religious doctrine in human history with a developed doctrine, theology, and legal system of mandatory violence against non-believers.
   Conclusion to Part I
   Politicized pap about Islam is fed to the Western world on a daily basis.
   6. Intifada on the Seine
   France, 2005: thousands of young men, armed with clubs and sticks, shout “Allah Akbar!” and burn cars.
   7. A Continent in Peril
   In the face of Islam, the present technological, cultural and financial strength of Europe is a façade.
   8. London’s Bombs and Sleepwalkers
   Tony Blair is a thoroughly modern European politician. “What happened in America was not the work of Islamic terrorists, it was not the work of Muslim terrorists.”
   9. Ritual Slaughter in Amsterdam
   On November 2, 2004, in broad daylight, jihad became reality on a busy street of what is arguably Europe’s most open, most tolerant metropolis.
   10. A Study in Decrepitude: The Second Conquest of Spain
   The bombs that killed some 200 commuters and wounded 1,400 others on Madrid’s trains on March 11, 2004, marked the first Islamist terrorist attack in a major Western country that yielded tangible political benefits.
   11. A Continent Transformed
   From the Polar Circle to the Straits of Gibraltar, the face of Europe is changing...
   12. Brussels, the New Medina
   “Brussels” has decreed that member countries of the European Union no longer make the law on their immigration policies.
   13. A Eurabian Blend: Existentialist Gay Suicide Bombers
   Europe’s intellectual climate in the 1960s helped manufacture the ideology of Third World socialism. Today, however, most young, seriously religious Muslims have nothing but disdain for Europe.
   14. America Needs Europe
   A comprehensive American anti-terrorist strategy should have three main objectives in relation to Europe.
   Conclusion to Part II
   Sultan Suleiman, according to a Serbian folk epic, gave strict orders: During Ramadan, no one would drink wine, wear the color green, carry a decorated sword, or dance.
   Introduction to Part III
   America is in far better shape than Europe; however, it would be dangerous to assume that this is so because Muslims have better assimilated in America.
   15. The Enemy Inside the Walls
   The story usually goes like this: members of a Muslim community somewhere in the United States are arrested and accused of having links to Islamic terrorists. Local Muslims respond with a mix of indignation and denial.
   16. Myopia at the White House
   “In this new century, freedom is once again assaulted by enemies determined to roll back generations of democratic progress,” President Bush announced in late 2005.
   17. Liberal Sleepwalking
   While it is at least conceivable that Mr. Bush knows or suspects the real score on Islam, the moral and intellectual paralysis of the liberal elites is terminal.
   18. Jihad’s Agitprop
   A major exploiter of the opportunities provided by the liberal mindset has been the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
   19. Jihad’s Fellow-Travelers
   Pre-empting the ongoing FBI investigation.
   20. Treason in Education
   The cold fanaticism of jihad’s fellow-travelers in America’s state education system.
   Conclusion to Part III
   The debate on Islamic terrorism in the United States has a Soviet-era quality.
   Introduction to Part IV
   The struggle against Islamic terrorism is a global issue that requires major adjustments of the global strategy of the United States.
   21. Two Sides of the Same Global Coin
   The failed Carter policy: In 1979, Jimmy Carter presided over the first American administration in history to proclaim that “human rights” are its guiding light.
   22. Perils of “Democratizing” the Middle East
   The failed Bush policy: “We will not tire, or rest, until the war on terror is won,” President Bush declared at the end of 2005.
   23. Iraq: Wrong War, Wrong Enemy
   Bush fails to accept the possibility that his administration’s policies have contributed to Islamic terror.
   24. Getting Chechnya Right
   Attacks by Chechen terrorists on Russian children are terrorist in character and Islamic in the method.
   25. Jihadist Base in the Balkans
   Bosnia is an attractive gateway into Europe for terrorists.
   26. Turkey—An American “Ally”
   There is a country in the Middle East where irate villagers shouting abuse pelt U.S. soldiers with eggs: Turkey, our “ally.”
   27. Runners with Hare, Hunters with Hounds
   Suicide attacks in London on July 7, 2005, were masterminded by a young British-born Pakistani. And yet we are not focused on the role of Pakistan.
   28. Malaysia—Another “Close Friend”
   The leader of another predominantly Muslim country declared that the United States and Israel were engaging in “state terrorism.”
   Conclusion to Part IV
   Almost eighty years ago, Julien Benda published his tirade against the intellectual corruption of his times in La Trahison des Clercs.
   Introduction to Part V
   The war against jihad can and must be won.
   29. Spying on Muslims: Justified and Necessary
   In December, 2005, it was disclosed that soon after the September 11 attacks, President Bush secretly authorized the National Security Agency “to eavesdrop on Americans.”
   30. Refuse or Rescind Citizenship to All Islamic Activists
   All Americans—and not those “Americans” who falsely take the oath of citizenship but continue to preach jihad and Sharia—will be spared the worry about the NSA listening in to their phone conversations if Islamic activism is treated as grounds for the loss of acquired U.S. citizenship and deportation.
   31. Reintroduce “Profiling”
   In June of 2003, the Bush administration ordered a broad ban on “racial and ethnic profiling” at all 70 federal law enforcement agencies, thus making the existing ban even more stringent.
   32. No Security Clearances for Muslims
   A person’s Islamic faith and outlook is incompatible with the requirements of patriotic loyalty and reliability.
   33. Reform Immigration Laws to Exclude Jihadists
   No counter-terrorist strategy is possible without complete physical control of the homeland’s boundaries.
   34. Supervise Mosques and Islamic Centers
   It is to be hoped that the acceptance of other proposed measures would lead to a swift and irreversible reduction in the number of mosques and Islamic centers in the United States.
   Conclusion to Part V: Knowing Ourselves
   Acceptance of these proposals would represent the long overdue beginning of serious Western defense against Islamic terrorism.
   Postscript: Iraq, Iran and Hamas—Rethinking Our Options
   Iraq: A creative solution in post-invasion and post-occupation Iraq demands flexibility, imagination, and ruthlessness.
   Iran: The Bush administration has maintained its pressure on Iran, but it has shifted its rhetorical focus from terrorism to the nuclear issue.
   The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas: The “logic” of Islamic “democracy” in action in Egypt and Gaza and the West Bank
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