Pascha CD (New Cover)

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The beautiful and inspirational singing of the nuns of the Convent of St. Elizabeth the Grand Duchess of Russia, is available on CD.

No. 3: Pascha

Hymns from the light-bearing resurrection of Christ sung by the choir of the Convent of St. Elizabeth the Grand Duchess of Russia

(60 minutes)

1. “Come, Receive Ye Light”

2. “Angels in the Heavens”

3. Paschal Troparion

4. Troparion (Greek)

5. Troparion (Slavonic)

6. First Ode of the Canon

7. Troparion (Greek)

8. Third Ode of the Canon

9. Troparion (English)

10. “Jesus Having Risen”

11. Hypakoë

12. Fourth Ode of the Canon

13. Troparion (Slavonic)

14. “Jesus Having Risen”(Greek)

15. Fifth Ode of the Canon

16. Troparion (Arabic)

17. Sixth Ode of the Canon

18. Troparion (Serbian)

19. “Jesus Having Risen” (Grk)

20. Kontakion

21. Seventh Ode of the Canon

22. Troparion (Swedish)

23. “Jesus Having Risen”

24. Eighth Ode of the Canon

25. Troparion (French)

26. “Jesus Having Risen” (Greek)

27. Ninth Ode of the Canon

28. “The Angel Cried”

29. Troparion (Arabic)

30. “Jesus Having Risen”

31. Exaposteilarion

32. Stichera of Pascha

33. Doxastikon

34. Apolytikion of St. John

35. Troparion (Romanian)

36. Communion Hymn

37. Troparion (Georgian)

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