Service Book of the Holy Orthodox-Catholic Apostolic Church: Compiled, Translated, and Arranged from the Old Church-Slavonic Service Books of the Russian Church and Collated with the Service Books of the Greek Church

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by Isabel Florence Hapgood
Publication Data: Englewood, NJ: Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, 1996
Format: hardcover
Number of Pages: xl + 615
Dimensions (l × w × h): 22.2 cm × 14.7 cm × 3.3 cm
Additional Information: black-and-white illustrations

Revised Editi0n, with Indorsement by Patriarch Tikhon
Seventh Edition

by Isabel Florence Hapgood

“It has always been the policy of the Holy Orthodox-Catholic Apostolic Church of the East to have her services celebrated in the languages of the countries inhabited by her members. In accordance with this policy it is desired, eventually, to make English the language, in this country, of the Russian Church, which was the first to bring Christianity to Alaska[...]. Moreover, the adoption of the English language is the sole solution of many difficulties encountered by the priests of that church in administering to the spiritual wants of their flocks, who come from many countries, each of which has its own language or dialect,—Great Russia, Little Russia, Galicia (in Eastern Austria), Hungary, Servia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Rumania, Syria, Greece, and, possibly, other localities. English is the Pan-Slavonic language in America, as German is the Pan-Slavonic language on the Continent of Europe. The children are reared in our American public schools, as a rule, and it will be difficult to teach them their church services in the original tongue, under the prevailing conditions. An English version of the services is also desirable for the pupils in such parish schools as exist, where much attention is given to instruction in English.”


Annunciation, Special Service
Artos (Blessing), Breaking of the
Ascension, Special Service
Assumption (Falling Asleep), Special Service
   Prayers at the Reception of Catechumens
   Explanation (Appendix)
Blessing, of any object
   of Bread, Wine, and Oil (Litiyá)
   of Cheese and Eggs (Easter)
   of Fruit (Transfiguration)
   of Grapes (Transfiguration)
   for a Journey (by land)
      (by water)
   of Meat (Easter)
   of Palms (Palm Sunday)
of the Waters (Grand, at Epiphany)
Burial of the Dead:
   at Easter
   Explanation (Appendix)
Canons for the Eight Tones
   of Converts
Christmas (see Nativity of Christ)
Church, Consecration of a
   Founding (Laying Corner-stone)
   Explanation (Appendix)
Churching of Women
Collect-Hymns in the Eight Tones
Communion, Prayers in preparation for
   of Thanksgiving after
Compline (Grand)
Converts, Reception of
   Chrismation of
   Jews, Mahometans, Heathen
Easter, Special Service
   Blessing; Breaking; of the Artos
      Cheese and Eggs; Meat
   Burial at
   Table to find
Eight Tones, Hymns and Canons in the
Elevation of the Cross, Special Service
Endorsement from Patriarch Tikhon
Entrance into Temple of the Birth-giver of God, Special Service
Entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), Special Service
Epiphany, Special Service
   Blessing of Waters at
Epistles and Gospels, Matins and the Liturgy
   Requiem Services
   Great Feasts
   Saints in general
Falling Asleep (Assumption), Special Service
Fasts and Seasons
Feasts and Fasts (Table)
Friday, Great (Good), Special Service
Hours. First
   Explanation (Appendix)
House, Prayers at Founding of a; Taking up abode in New
Hymns, for the Eight Tones
Journey, Blessing for a
   by Water
Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, St. Basil the Great, Pontifical:
   Catechumens (beginning of visible service)
   Prefatory Note and Directions
   Office of Oblation
   Explanation (Appendix)
Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts
   Explanation (Appendix)
Many Years (Long Life), Grand (for the Ruler)
   for the Holy Synod and others
Matins (Alone)
   in Vigil Service
   Explanation (Appendix)
   Crowning (Marriage)
   Removal of Crowns
   Second Marriage
   Explanation (Appendix)
Meeting of the Lord (Purification o the Virgin) Special Service
Moliében (see Prayer Service)
Naming of a Child
Nativity of the Birth-giver of God, Special Service
   of Christ (Christmas), Special Services:
      Vigil and Liturgy
      Thanksgiving (Te Deum)
New Year, Thanksgiving Service (Te Deum)
   Archdeacon or Proto-Deacon
   Bishop, Election
      Explanation (Appendix)
   Readers and Chanters
   Explanation (Appendix)
Palm Sunday, Special Service
Panikhída (General Requiem)
Panikhídi (Requiem)
   Canon for Dead Warriors
   Explanation (Appendix)
Parting of the Soul from the Body
Pentecost (Whitsunday), Special Service
Prayer Service:
   at the Birth of a Child
   at the Naming of a Child, on the Eighth Day
   for Children beginning Instruction
   at the Founding of a House
   at entering a New House
   for the Blessing of any object
   General (Moliében)
   for a Woman on the Fortieth Day after Childbirth
Preface to First Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Presentation in the Temple of the Birth-giver of God, Special Service
Psalms, Selections of, Table
Purification of the Birth-giver of God, Special Service
Requiem for the Dead (see Panikhídi).
Saturday, Great (Holy), Special Service
Symbolism of the Church
Thanksgivings (Te Deums):
   for an Answer to Prayer
   Great Office (for occasions of Solemn Thanksgiving)
   New Year
Thursday, Great (Holy), Special Service
Transfiguration, Special Service
   Blessing of Fruit
      of Grapes
Translation of Patriarch’s Endorsement
Typical Psalms
   Explanation (Appendix)
Unction, Holy
Vespers, Great
   Explanation (Appendix)
Vigil, All-Night
Whitsunday (see Pentecost).
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